Sep 28, 2010


I lived in a very beautiful life
But I never thanked You
I was drowning in my own worldly life
Till I forgot the Hereafter is more beautiful

As my life was getting darker
You came and showed me Your love
You gave me faith
You gave me strength
For me to live in a better

Oh Thank You Allah
Now I found what I was missing
I was too blind to see
Everything was planned beautifully

Oh my dear friends
I'm begging you
To open those eyes
To follow the light that is in front of you
I was lost once
I won't let it happens to you too...

*** I wrote this yesterday (during lectures. hehe..), wanted to strum my guitar and make a song but as I decided to put a full stop on my singing carier (bajet artist siot), I would be very pleased if any of you could turn this out as a song! A beautiful song please? Hehee.. Terima Kasih. Thank You. 감사합니다 ^^


  1. sweet :)

    here's a song, band kawan i buat. kalau teringin nk dgr lagunye, try la kat fb tu but I dunno u akan suka the lagu atau tak :D


    Oh The Almighty
    Will I be somebody
    That You choose to forgive
    And to be relieved?

    Oh The Almighty
    I thirst for Your love
    Afraid of Your terror
    I need You now and forever

    And I'm not lying
    When I said that I love you
    You know I do

    I don't care and I don't give a damn what they say
    They don't know how my inside really is
    And I'm tired of playing games
    And I'm tired of playing games

    This world is full of bad jokes

    And what made us so vulnerable?

  2. dah dgr.. nice.. thanks for sharing ya. ^^


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